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Our team has deep expertise on a number of topics, each bringing decades of experience into our daily activities. This is as a consequence of having worked in and for many of the most recognized and respected organizations. Amongst them are John Hancock, Scholastic, Logica, Allstate Insurance, Mutual of Omaha, Rosetta Stone, Lexia Learning, Fidelity Investments , Nokia, Travelport.

Particularly noteworthy is our engagement at Travelport. Their implementation is used as an exemplar/reference in many places on the SAFe framework site. SAFe courseware also includes videos recorded at Travelport while we there. These are played by all SAFe Instructors to class attendees to demonstrate key aspects of implementing SAFe.


Lean Portfolio Management

The Lean Portfolio Management competency aligns strategy and execution by applying Lean and systems thinking approaches to strategy and investment funding, Agile portfolio operations, and governance.


Provides the essential framework to realize an organizations goals.


Having a strong strategy is good but it is not enough unless there is powerful strategy execution supporting it.


Allows organizations to sense changes in market conditions and implement new strategies quickly and decisively when necessary.


Achieving organizational goals by using resources to effectively maintain strategy.

Leadership Development

In a rapidly changing digital age the nature of leadership is changing. The ‘playbook’ which worked well with more traditional/waterfall approaches is no longer as effective. What does work better in the context of organizations seeking greater business agility and which to seek a more generative culture?


All leaders need to fully embrace lifelong learning and seek personal mastery - and encourage others to seek the same.


Without authenticity it is truly difficult to have trust. Without trust, your Lean-Agile transformation is likely to fail.


Emotional competence is not about being nice. How do we harness the power which comes with emotions and avoid the negative consequences?


Courage is a key characteristic which separates excellent managers from great leaders. What does it mean to act with courage in the workplace?


Connecting Strategy to Execution

Ensuring that the work being done at all levels of an organization is aligned with the larger Enterprise Strategy can be challenge for an organization seeking to scale Lean and Agile. If the Enterprise Strategy does need to change it is vital that the execution of that strategy adapt quickly and effectively to ensure that the new strategy is realized. We can help to better connect strategy to execution and ensure they stay aligned.