About Us

Remaining on the cutting edge of your industry is challenging for companies of any size. At Agile Big Picture, we specialize in organizational enablement, with a unique focus on SAFe®, the leading framework for agility at scale (www.scaledagileframework.com).

Unlike other consulting firms who seem to show up and never leave, we work to enable your transformation to become self-sustaining within 3 PIs.

First, we make sure your organization is setup for success, by training leaders and change agents alike. Next, we pair with you to make sure your SPCs get the practice they need to ensure on-going, sustainable results. Finally, we support. Agile Big Picture will work hard to prepare your lean-agile leaders to guide the rest of your transformation.

We believe it is our job to make sure that you don’t need us long term – that’s why at Agile Big Picture – We. Enable. You.

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