About Us

We do agile training and coaching. Specifically we train and coach in the SAFe framework (www.scaledagileframework.com). This is a freely available, open, proven framework for how to approach scaling agile in large enterprises. We use only Scaled Agile Academy  SPC4 certified instructors. We also have access to a network of certified Scaled Agilists and SAFe practitioners.

Your context is unique and will determine your best course. Depending on the manner in which you wish to approach your organizational change  you may wish to engage us for a workshop, a class or a complete transformation. With 30 years in the software industry working solely with large enterprises we can help you with your adoption of agile methodologies and strategy for getting there.

Bring us on site and we can conduct your training in the environment you are familiar with or alternatively we can arrange premises at a location convenient for your teams.

Founded in 2016, Agile Big Picture is an organization devoted to helping organizations and groups learn new principles and adopt better practices in their pursuit of better enterprise agility and more successful outcomes.

We are headquartered in the Boston Area, with coaches based in Colorado, Virginia, Texas, and India – our coaches are available to provide coaching both onsite at your organization and remotely when desired. SAFe® certification training is currently unable to be delivered remotely due to certification requirements.

Our primary focus is SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). To that end we provide only SPC4-qualified instructors and have access to a cadre of SPs (SAFe Practitioners) and SAs (Scaled Agilists).

Our goal is to understand your needs and then fulfill them.

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