A little rudder early is better than a lot of rudder late” – Donald Reinertsen.

Guidance. Support. Leadership. You could argue that all managers are coaches. While this has some truth, sometimes you need the  extra help. This is especially true during a transformation to new practices and principles which comprise your overall framework. Determining what that framework should be needs to be done in collaboration between those who know your enterprise context well and coaches who have been on the journey before.

SAFe provides an excellent starting point and will quickly establish a solid foundation. Once in place, you will probably refine it to suit your own context and any needs specific to your organization. But this is not easy. Knowing what should be considered a bedrock principle versus a discretionary practice is hard when change is occurring on many fronts. You might elect to contain the amount of change you attempt – but which areas do you focus on first? Respected by the organization at large, a good coach will help the enterprise make difficult choices by brokering agreements which span organizational lines. This can be especially difficult in large enterprises since organizational alignment can be elusive. It is not enough to simply point to an objective … it is in the getting there where the hard work lies.

A good coach should be a confident presence in the classroom but also equally comfortable building systems hands-on with teams. Theory and principles make wonderful guides but it is the application of them in your organization’s context which will make the difference.

If you have need of some steering from someone who will partner with your organization to achieve better outcomes – call us now.


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